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Singer - Songrocker

A lifelong journeyman musician and performing songwriter, sound designer and composer. A multi-faceted vocalist with a 4-octave range and an accomplished  multi-instrumentalist on electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin & harmonica.

My latest CD

“The Austin Sessions”

is available online at: 

and directly from me

for only $10.00

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“I love the Beatle-esque chord changes, the wonderful guitar tones and vocal arrangements throughout the CD. Nice Job! - Craig Calvert, Austin TX

“Nice Work Jeff! Tunes and production chops are in high gear.” - Mike Stone, San Diego, CA

I can’t get enough of it. Well played maestro.” - Jerry Gontang, San Diego, CA

“Impeccable singing and playing from start to finish.” - Bob Cheevers, Austin TX

Click here for a review of “The Austin Sessions” from Austin’s Sound Profile Magazine…

Contact and booking information:  •  Austin, TX 78754  • 512.913.1893

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